I referred to molding in my last post. We use this to give the puppy the correct idea so that we can add a command to the behavior.
How do you do this? Well lets take the sit behavior. To get a dog to sit, with it standing and holding the collar with your Right hand UNDER the chin, you run your left hand back along the dog’s back and scoop its legs so that it sits on your arm. As the butt hits the floor you say sit. Holding the collar under the chin provides a good way to control the dog without being aggressive, it also gets the dog use to being handled and keeps your hand out of harms way if the puppy is playful or a bit agressive.
Why is this important? A dog can’t learn a command if they have not connected the behavior to the command. When you mold and command at the instant the butt hits the floor, the two behaviors will gel in the dogs mind and eventually the command will result in the behavior.

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