We have the pup Sitting and Downing now.  Make sure that you continue to provide liberal treats at this point.  Later we will fade the treats out when the behavior is solid but for now keep up the rewards.

There is one other move that the pup needs to know.  The Stand command will come in quite handy when at the vet’s office or when you need to clean paws after coming in from the outside during “Mud” season (Springtime).  It is also nice to have a dog that will stand quietly while being groomed and of course if you wish to pursue Conformance Competitions the Stand command is a required behavior.

To teach the Stand command, first put away your treats.  The treat will be very distracting for this move.  With the pup sitting quietly in heal position( Your left side), place your Right hand into the side of the collar, tell the pup to stand and place your Left hand, with the palm down, under its belly and lift it into a Standing position.  Hold your hand under its belly until the pup stands on its own then remove the pressure by lowering your hand.  If the pup sits put your hand back under its belly and lift it back into position.  If the pup tries to walk away, restrict its movement with pressure on the collar ( make sure its still on the side and not the top or bottom).  You can use your Left hand to lift the pup back into position if it moves its back end away.

Eventually, the hand signal for the Stand command will be passing your Left Hand in front of the dogs nose in a horizontal passing motion.  You can start the learning in your pup by passing your hand in front of its face as you come around to lift the belly.  One note of interest, cupping your hand with the palm up seems to disturb some dogs, if you use the back of your hand to lift the pup at this stage the pups comfort level will be much higher.

So, now that you have a new move for the pup, add this to your training schedule.  Keep up the Sit and Down commands.

Next time we will try to change the perspective for the pup and start to stand up off the floor and work in different positions around the pup.  So far the pup should be learning all of these skills at the Heal position on the left side of you.  The pup will start to be comfortable in this position and will understand that this is the preferred position.

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