If you have been keeping up with the training you have a sit, a down, a stand and a watch me.
The Recall Command is an important one. This is the beginning step to getting a dog that will come to you reliably.

***An important note*** ALWAYS make coming to you a happy event. Under no circumstances should you call the dog to you and reprimand the pup.
If you are out chasing the pup for 2 hours and the pup is staying just out of reach, teasing you, and you are getting madder and madder,swallow your anger and make it a happy event when it finally comes to you. A dog that gets reprimanded when it comes will connect coming to you as a bad thing and will be reluctant to come when called.

To train the Recall Command, borrow a helper to hold the dog. Get a treat in your left hand, and with the pup sitting at heal on your side, show it the treat. Lift it up to your chest and get a watch me (if this is reliable). Reach down with your right hand and take off the pup’s leash. Stash the leash out of sight in a pocket or under your shirt. Tell the pup to stay, if it won’t stay reliably yet have your helper hold the pup’s collar, and walk away from the pup about 15 feet. Count to 3 and slowly turn around. Get down on the ground on your knees and lean back as far as possible. Put the treat on your chest and call the dog, with a happy voice say “Dog’s name, Come”. When the pup gets to you do two things, give it the treat and grab its collar. The whole reason for a recall is to contain the dog. Getting hold of the collar is the solution. Clip the lead back on the pup, stand up, get another treat and using an animated exciting voice, take two steps back and release the pup with the “OK”.

When this sequence appears to be reliable(practice for at least a week), get the pup to sit in front of you before you give up the treat. Once this is reliable you can stand up and call the dog. Make sure when you stand up that you don’t lean over. This will cause the pup to stop away from you. Leaning over the pup is an aggressive posture and will cause the pup to be intimidated. If you must get lower try a plie(a ballet move where your knees are bent and the back straight) to lower your body without bending.

Remember, the goal is to get control of the pup so grab the collar so that the pup gets used to being captured. Occasionally when the pup is out playing, call it to you, complete the capture then release the pup to play some more. You want to make sure that they don’t associate coming to you with a bad thing. Sometimes if you call them, capture them then take them inside and crate them they will associate the capture with loss of freedom and will be slow to come in. Make it a happy event and the recall will be reliable in no time at all.

At the dog park, practice when your pup is playing with others.  In a short time, you can get your pup to come out of a distracting environment.  When this is solid, you know that the recall is set in the pup’s mind.  As a bonus, a significant portion of the dogs in the park will also come to you.  This can be pretty impressive to the other owners if this is your desire.

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