I popped in to puppy class last week after a bit of time away.  It felt like old home week.  So I jumped in with both feet.  Now, the faces have changed but the problems are all the same.

One 2 year old Pitt bull was having issues.  Why the owner waited until the pup was 2 years old before getting help is beyond my comprehension  but here we are and need to work through the problems.  What sort of problems?  Well the pup is a bit rambunctious and has not been socialized with other dogs.  So it may just want to play with the other dogs but barks and whines while in the room with the other dogs.

Our solution was to provide an area for the dog to learn without distractions. Fortunately there is a separate room that is able to be used for this once the Kennel Cat was evicted from the room.

The training itself went fairly smoothly.  A two year old dog learning basic obedience can be a trying situation if the dog decides it doesn’t want to learn.  This one seems to be willing and able to grasp the concepts.  I do need to run a fine line to keep on top of this dog.  I have seen it pushed just a bit too far and lash out pretty quickly.  Not maliciously but there are teeth involved so I need to keep on my toes with this one and make sure that he wants to do what I ask.

It is important to keep things fun and reward frequently.  This will keep his motivation to “do the right thing” up and make this a pleasant experience for all concerned.  Eventually, we will need to reintroduce him to the class but for now isolation seems the best choice.  This way we can establish habits that can be used when we reintroduce him to the other dogs.