The sit command is getting better if you have been practicing, Now, the pup is starting to understand that sit means to drop that backside to the ground. I’m sure at this point you get the occasional “hunh” from the pup. Be patient, repeat the command and mold the pup into the sit.
Now we want to teach them to down. With the dog sitting at your side reach over its back and, with your Left Hand, grab the pups Left Elbow. At the same time pick up the Right Elbow with your Right Hand. Lower the pup to the ground and say down as the pups Elbows hit the ground. You are leaning over the pup in this position so just maintain this position for a couple of seconds until the pup relaxes into the down. When it relaxes then in a high pitched, excited voice say “OK’ and release the puppy.

I highly recommend having a leash on the pup for this. Until the pup knows what is going on, we will only use it to maintain control. Most of the time it should be slack and should be under your knees to keep it contained. Make sure that there is no pressure from the leash at this point.

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