A little recap of the previous events.

Sit: Start by scooping the pups back legs out from under to assist it to sit, move on to luring with a treat and reinforcing with a lift on the collar.

Down: Start by lifting the front elbows and lowering the pup to a down position.  Move to luring with a treat and reinforcing with downward pressure on the collar in an L shaped move.

Stand: Start by holding the side of the collar and pop up the back end with the back of your hand.

Moving On

While kneeling on the floor, put the pup into a sit in heal position.  Using the leash, apply gentle pressure upwards as you stand up next to the pup.  Still sitting?  Good.  Not sitting, lean down and scoop the back end like you did in the earlier lesson.  Repeat until the pup gets the idea that you can stand next to it and it can still sit nicely.  With a nice low, firm voice, tell the pup to STAY.  Take 1 step out from the pup and turn to face it.  Still sitting…good.  Not sitting….did you maintain the upward pressure on its collar as you stepped out.  If not, return to the side of the pup and put it back into a sitting position.  Step out and face the pup again while keeping the pressure on the collar.  Repeat this as necessary until the pup is sitting nicely as you step out in front.  Relax the pressure on the collar and see if the pup stays sitting.  If it starts to get up when you relax the pressure, put the pressure back and see if it sits back down. If it doesn’t step in and help the pup sit.  Stand back up and step back.  Repeat as necessary until the pup gets it.  Eventually, with patience the pup will realize that sitting quietly while you move around is what you want.  Try to keep your frustration to yourself if the pup doesn’t get it right away.  Be patient, be consistent, be nice.  Step back to the pups side and give it a treat and a happy OK.  Play a bit with the puppy and let it relax.  Training is stressful for the puppy and joyous intervals help to make training more fun and actually set the behavior more solidly into its brain.

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