Gracie and I went for a bit of a walk in the Hi Tor WMA.  This is an undeveloped park that has some nice features and acres and acres of woods that are good for Search and Rescue training.

The trainer that I am working with on the team and I climbed a trail that led to the top of one of the moraines in this park.  While we were doing this, 2 other team members were doing a compass navigation course below us and to the West.  When they reached a pre-determined point about 500 yards downwind of us, one of them found a nice spot to hide and Gracie and I started to work a grid down the hill and across the wind which was coming from the West.

As we moved down the hill, the wind shifted to the NW.  This turned out to be a bit of a problem as we passed right by the subject without Gracie getting upwind of his scent.  My grids were too short and although I was directly above him on one pass, the wind was pushing the scent more to the South so we missed him.

Once I located him, we made another pass a bit further up the hill and made sure that it extended beyond his location.  This got Gracie into the scent pool and she completed the find.  She even gave me a good indication and refind.

We rejoined our other team members only to discover that one had lost a radio in the woods.  We retraced the GPS track but were unable to locate the radio.  I expect that our next team training will focus on article searching and recover the area that was traversed on their initial compass course.