After a long hiatus I’m back at Companion Dog Obedience training to help out with the classes.
Last night I took Elphie with me to a Rally Obedience course for the advanced dogs.

This was set up in a simulated ring outdoors.
We ran 3 similar courses each set up to simulate a different level. We started with the hardest one, the advanced course.

First we dropped the leash on a chair. In a real test this would be a person sitting in a chair on the course.
The stations were a 270 degree Left turn to a 90 degree right to a 90 degree Left. A sit then stand, a Left turn, a low jump.
A Sit-left turn-sit, a broad jump, a 270 dgree Left turn, A moving stand with a walk around and a Finish. Then a stay while reclaiming the leash.

Many of the dogs in the class were quite good at this course. There were no serious errors. The Young white Pit Dalmation mix was a bit out of control but nothing serious, it had no idea what the broad jump was all about though and scattered the jump all over. The Bichon was cute jumping over the high jump. The Pug bailed on the broad jump but the second attempt was successful.

The second course modified two stations to make them intermediate level adding a Schutzund turn in place of the broad jump, and the 3rd removed the jumps and added a speed change in it’s place.
Each dog was run through once in each scenario.

Elphie seemed to be a bit flighty on the first round but the second and third were very good. I of course made a mistake on one of the stations allowing the dog to sit for a station that was a move out. Not a bad day for having such a long time between trainings.