Greetings,  my name is Craig, I have been training dogs for most of my adult life.  I have crossedLabman several over to the Rainbow Bridge.Currently I have 3 dogs. All Yellow Labrador Retrievers. :-)

My oldest is Calli, also a Yellow Lab.  Calli is 9.  She started her life as a guide dog puppy.  We enjoyed the puppy training and found that I was more advanced in my skills than most of the puppy raisers.  So, I became the puppy boot camp for this organization.  More on that later.  Calli is a very nice Lab and it was decide to keep her intact to join the breeding program.  Less than a year later this organization dissolved and I purchased her as my own.

Elphie is my oldest of Calli’s puppies.  She is currently 5.  Elphie’s actual registered name is Elphaba.  Any of you familiar with the Play/Movie “Wicked” will recall that the Witch’s name is Elphaba.  The witch was born green and so was our Elphie.  She was the first survivor of the litter and was covered in myconium from the first non-viable pups.  Her fur was actually stained green.  Elphie is a certified Therapy Dog.

Gracie is the baby, not so small anymore but still a youngster at 4 years.  She is also a purebred Yellow Lab.  Gracie is currently going to puppy classes weekly and demonstrating the behaviors that are being taught.  She has inherited her mothers penchant for jumping and will loose her focus to greet any new people that she meets.  She is a lover but can be a challenge to keep her feet on the ground. Gracie is in training for Search and Rescue with the Western New York Search Dogs Team.